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Updated: May 3, 2021

I know what you are thinking, “are you out of your mind?”

How can living with other adults in the same  house be good? let alone fun. You have to give up your freedom, space, time and put up with other people’s preferences, right?”  Well, here is what living with extended family is really like.

Yes, there are different opinions and preferences and yes there are arguments and disagreements. There is also the warmth of someone waiting for you, someone to ask you how was your day today?, someone to teach you life skills, someone to grow you as a person and someone to be with.

Here is why living in an extended family rocks!

1. Life skills: forces you out of your selfish existence. You learn to care for others. You learn to compromise without feeling like you have to give up things all the time. You learn to adjust——-whoa what an amazing concept! The western world teaches you not to compromise or adjust but in life, to have a peaceful, amicable existence we have to adjust everywhere. At work, school, with friends, etc.. and what better place to learn these skills then at home?

2. Receive and Give Love: Its all about love, isn’t it? We all want to be loved. In an extended family you feel this more since there are more people to give and to receive love from. If you live with grandparents, they are normally waiting for you to get home or make you your favorite food when you crave it. In turn you get to show them love by being with them, talking to them and simply just spending a few minutes of your day with them.

3. So good for kids: In our crazy busy lives we don’t have the time to just sit and talk to our kids. When you have elders living with you, your kids not only get the time but they learn their culture, their heritage and traditions. Kids learn to value the human interaction.

4. Connection: Daily practices like eating meals together or evening prayers together are so important. Having grandparents or other relatives in the house allows you to do this. Being there for each other, despite of your differences!

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