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From learning how to greet your family to the custom ways to engage, you’ll learn some of the most important basics in Gujarati culture to impress your in-laws.


Benefit 1

Learning should be fun and creative so that it stays with you for a long time. Videos in the comfort of your own home are a great way to start learning a new language. These most commonly used phrases will get you on the right track to understanding the Gujarati culture and feeling at ease with your new family.

Benefit 2

Gujarati culture and literature is rich and valuable. Mahatma Gandhi wrote his autobiography - The Experiments With Truth (Staya na prayogo) in Gujarati. Can you read the English translation? Certainly. However sometimes, somethings are lost in translation.

Benefit 3

You want to be able to speak clear and proficient Gujarati. In order to do that and communicate better, it is beneficial that you learn through video where you can both see and hear the words. This will help you speak proper Gujarati.

What our parents have to say...

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My daughter has been learning Gujarati at Sanskar Teaching for one year now. She is young and this particular class is catered to her needs. Our teacher creatively, patiently, slowly and attentively addresses each child’s needs. We are blessed to be a part of this wonderful school.
Priyanka Patel, Hotelier & Momma of 2
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We have seen tremendous difference in Ishaan when it comes to accepting and loving our culture after he started at Sanskar Teaching. As a parent, I really appreciate how he has been taught to greet elders in Gujarati and love how he has implemented it. He is always curious to learn more about the festivals of India, he loves to read books on Ramayan and Maharat. Because 'Siya Ke Ram' was mentioned by his teacher, he decided to watch the entire series of it and has learned a lot about Ramayana. He loves to do different activities given as a homework assignment, he knows his Gujarati alphabets and most of all, looks forward to attend his Gujarati class everyday. Thank You Sanskar Teaching for gracefully teaching not just the language but also our culture, traditions and values to Ishaan.
Riddhi Bhakta, Massage Therapy Instructor at Burke Williams Academy & Momma of 1
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Sanskar Teaching has taught my kids to enjoy learning Gujarati. My older daughter Nyah has been taking the online class for about a year and has seen such a difference. I've seen her build confidence on speaking Gujarati plus understanding it. Now that my daughter knows how to speak and understand Gujarati, my son wants to learn and he cannot wait! Love the curriculum for this program because each week is a different subject and it's not repetitive where kids don't get bored, it's makes them want to learn more! ❤
Reena Dayal, Teacher and Momma of 3

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