• Words alone cannot explain how grateful we are to be a part of Sanskar Teaching. My daughter thoroughly enjoys the online classes, looks forward to learning about Gujarati culture, and is comfortable asking questions about what she is learning. My own parents and grandparents are impressed with how much my daughter is able to understand and learn during class. Most recently my daughter traveled to India. She was able to converse with locals, sing her bhajans and even share her experience. Can't believe my 2nd generation US born daughter has such an enriching Gujarati cultural experience.

    - Dr. Nisha Dugal Senior Director of Secondary Education at Torrance Unified School District

  • Sanskar teaching has taught my kids to enjoy learning Gujarati. My older daughter Nyah has been taking the online class for about a year and have seen such a difference. I've seen her build confidence on speaking Gujarati plus understanding it. Now that my daughter knows how to speak and understand Gujarati, my son wants to learn and he cannot wait! Love the curriculum for this program because each week is a different subject and it's not repetitive where kids don't get bored & it makes them want to learn more! ❤

    - Reena Dayal, Blogger at chaimommas.com & Momma of 3

  • Sanskar teaching had made learning fun for my Child! We have gone from fighting with our daughter to go to Gujarati School to our kids looking forward to it every week. It not only teaches her how to read and write, but the values and a great cultural background that my daughter will cherish for lifetime. The best part is we don't have to go anywhere to learn....we can do it all from our home!

    - Roshni Bhakta, Pharmicist & Momma of 2

  • I have seen tremendous difference in Ishaan when it comes to accepting and loving our culture after he started with Sanskar teaching. As a parent, I really appreciate how he has been taught to greet elders in Gujarati and love how he has implemented it. He is curious to learn more about the festivals of India. Because 'Siya Ke Ram’(TV Series) was mentioned by his teacher, he decided to watch the entire series of it and has learned a lot about Ramayana. Most of all, he looks forward to attending his Gujarati class every Sunday. Thank You Sanskar Teaching and Vaishalimasi for gracefully teaching not just the language but also our culture, traditions and values to Ishaan.

    - Riddhi Bhakta, Massage Therapy Instructor at Burke Williams Academy & Momma of 1

  • With today's busy life, it is difficult for us as a family to remain connected to our roots and culture. Since we have joined Sanskar Teaching, my children are moving around their day singing, dancing in and speaking in Gujarati, sometimes unconsciouly and I simply love that. I as a parent am getting to learn so much about Gujarati culture along with them. Thank you Vaishalimasi for making an impact on my two kiddos. Looking forward to our Journey with ST.

    - Deepta Patel, LVN & Momma of 2

  • Why this works for our family? Its simple. I want my son to learn Gujarati, not just the language but the culture as well. We do the best we can at home, however when someone as loving and patient as Vaishaliben tells my son about why we do certain things? or teaches him simple songs he listens. I don’t have to drive any where and if we miss a class we can make it up at another time. Love that Sanskar teaching is available for our family.

    - Shital Amin, FSA, Senior Actuary & Momma of 1

  • My girls and I love Vaishali masi. She teaches them Gujarati in fun and creative ways. Our favorites things are the homework series, for example when we go on scavenger hunts at a local farmer’s market to learn names of vegetables and fruits in Gujarati. My kids look forward to their Sunday classes. My two older ones are reading and writing fluently in Gujarati because of Sanskar teaching. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

    - Gayatri Bhakta, Hotelier & Momma of 3

  • My daughter has been learning Gujarati at Sanskar teaching for one year now. She is young and this particular class is catered to her needs. Our teacher creatively, patiently, slowly and attentively to each child’s needs. We are blessed to be a part of this wonderful school.

    - Priyanka Patel, Hotelier & Momma of 2

  • I came to America at an early age. I consider myself a 2nd generation Indian. Growing up, I was always eager to learn about who I was, where I came from, and why I enjoyed being Gujarati. Finally, as an adult, I have the opportunity to learn more about being Gujarati along with my kids. Having an online Gujarati learning program allows us to learn our "Matra Bhasha" free from anxiety and from the comforts of our home. Gujarati is not just a language. It is about our ancestors, it is part of our identity, it is about investing in ourselves. Sanskar Teaching, gives us the opportunity to learn the Gujarati language. To teach our kids morals and values through stories, games, and special verses. Most importantly Sanskar Teaching answers the many "why" questions my kids have. Why do we say Ramkabir? Why do we celebrate Diwali? Why do we touch the feets of our elders? Why do we tie a Rakhi on bhai? Without Sanskar Teaching, I would not have the proper answers to these questions. Thank you for thinking of us and taking us on this new memorable journey with you.. I enjoy hearing you speak about your passion and love watching the enthusiasm in your eyes... I am so proud and honored to be apart of Sankar Teaching with you ☺

    - Sushma Desai Bhakta, RN & Momma of 4