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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Maha Sudarshan choorna or Sudharshan ghanvati

It’s the official name for this Ayurvedic powder which is also now available in small pills. In Gujarati families, it is known as Kadvaat as this particular herb is bitter and I mean bitter. It was a routine growing up in our family if you had lots of candies and mithai (sweets) as children we all had to have kadvaat powder with water as back in those days there were no pills you can swallow.

This prevented my siblings and I from having lots of sugar. My son however figured out that the sugar he loves so much is well worth the bitter pills the next day. A little kadvaat never scared him. The benefits of Kadvaat are many. From what my mom used to tell me, it is good to eat after sugars so the bitters can balance them out, if someone didn’t have a good appetite taking kadvaat made them eat more often. Kadvaat is also used when your body is aching and you feel a dull fever coming on.

The main ingredient in kadvaat is Kirata Tikta – Swertia chirata – a potent antiviral herb. I also has other highly effective ayurvedic herbs such as Giloya, turmeric, neem, Parpata and these are excellent antibacterial and antiviral agents.

Here is why taking kadvaat is a weekly practice for our 90 year granny:

Keeps you regular

Our Ma claims that taking kadvaat once a week keeps her bowl movement regular. So if she eats out or eats a lot of processed foods this is her go to dava(medicine).

Preventive measures

If others are sick around you and you want to keep your immunity stronger take Kadvaat. Next time your throat itches you know what to do.

Longer shelf life than most dava (meds) You can leave kadvaat in your herb cabinet for up to two years and it will still be good so you don’t have to worry about it going bad or having to throw it away because you didn’t use it.

Can be used for all ages

In different dosages this herb can be used for all ages. When travelling, this is a good preventive measure to carry with you.

You don’t have to be a Gujarati family to start using Kadvaat as it is sometimes known to prevent the damage over indulgence of sugar causes in your body. What other Gujarati davas do you use in your family? Share with us as we are always eager to learn these effective and tried out remedies.

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