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How to do Grah Puja/Ghado mukavo/Vaastu pujan?- Hindu housewarming pooja

How to do Grah puja/ GHADO MUKAVO/ Vaastu pujan on your own?⁠ House warming pooja the Hindu way. Navaa ghar ni pooja or grah pravesh is a sacred ritual.


Moving into a new space is precious and sacred for all of us. For many Hindus this is made even more special by following a tradition of bringing lots of light, positivity, freshness, good thoughts and good energy through the puja into this new beginning. As we are spread all around the world, we don't have access to a priest or pujari to conduct these pujas with or for us all the time.


Can you move into a space without performing this and would something bad happen if you don't? The answer is you can certainly choose not to do this and nothing bad is going to happen. The reason I personally love these small traditions is because it signifies the purity and sacredness of new beginnings. These rituals fill my heart with gratitude and love. It doesn't need to be a fancy affair if you can do it with a clean mind and pure intentions. Our God is a very forgiving one, so if you make some "locha"(mistakes) he is not going to come after you and punish you. ⁠

We perform this not just for our house where we will be living but for our new businesses or offices as well, simply to bring in all the good energy and gratitude in this new space. This is a simple way that my family performs this on our own, of course if you can and want to invite a priest you most certainly can. ⁠


What you need: (This is typical of most Hindu rituals however there may be some variations)

  1. Copper or Silver(chaandi) kalash

  2. Kumkum/kanku powder

  3. Haldi/turmeric powder

  4. Chandan/Sandalwood powder

  5. Whole rice (not broken ones) - for puja

  6. Water

  7. 5 leaves of Mango or Asho palav for kalash and more for toran(door hanging)

  8. 1 cup rice - for patalo/kalash

  9. 1 cup Mung beans - Mug

  10. 1 cup whole wheat (not broken)

  11. 1 cup rock salt

  12. 1 cup sacker (whole sugar)

  13. Divo/Diya with Ghee

  14. Agarabatti/dhoop

  15. Fresh fruit

  16. Fresh flowers

  17. New coins

  18. 1 tbsp of Milk

  19. Baajhat/paatalo(spot to put everything down)

  20. Red Cloth

  21. Picture or a small statue of any deity

  22. 2 Fresh coconut (brown) naadiyers

What to do:

  1. Clean the door frame of the main entrance of your home or space.

  2. You can choose to hang a toran - mango or aso-palav leaves threaded in a simple thread or marigolds/galgotaa toran across the main entrance. (optional)

  3. Apply five chaandalaas (dots) on the main door frame of your house with kumakum, haldi, chandan and rice. Light a divo here and dhoop as well.

  4. Prepare the Kalash outside the house before walking in, You can choose to draw a saathiyo or swastik on the coconut with kanku.

  1. Fill the kalash with clean drinking water, dab of milk, fresh new coins and few drops of the kumakum, haldi, chandan and rice mix.

  2. Cover the mouth of the kalash with the five mango leaves and put the coconut on top.

  3. Lady of the house or a young unmarried girl carries this kalash as this symbolizes the entering of goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth). Chant a simple Ganesh mantra "Om gam ganpat aye namah" or Gayatri mantra and ask them to enter the house with their right foot first.

  4. By your altar, or mandir in the house they can sit and pray or wait while you get the paatalo ready or have it ready ahead of time.

  1. For the Paatalo put this in the kitchen in the south east corner or where you can. Draw a saathiyo or have a pile of different grains beginning with rice, mung, wheat, salt and sugar. Light a divo here and use dhoop. Decorate it with fresh flowers around it as you are inviting the Gods especially Lord Ganesh and Laxmi Maa to come in your space.

  2. Gently put the kalash on top of this. Symbolizing and praying that may all that enters through these doors be pure, clean, healthy, nutritious, and filled with prosperity.

  3. Turn on the stove in the house and invite the divine Agni or energy in your fire so that all that is cooked in this kitchen is filled with health and strength. Do five chaandalaas on the stove top as well.

  1. Use the second coconut break it outside the house by the front door and sprinkle that water around the house outside blessing it with protection and love.

  2. Use the fresh fruit for prasad and share the coconut and prasad.

  3. Take the blessings from your elders

  4. The whole time you can choose to chant any mantras you know or simply play them in the background.

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