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Gluten Free Vegan Dinner Idea:

What is a universal question Moms dread? "What do I make for dinner tonight?"⁠


"Aaje jamavaa maate shu banaavu?" (Gujarati)⁠

"Aaj khaane mein kyaa pakaaye?" (Hindi)⁠


Tostada Pizza - Vegan and Gluten Free⁠


I grew up eating kadhi bhaat or daar bhaat for lunch and kathod or shaak rotli for dinner. I was ok with it but my kids wanted variety and this dreaded stressful, anxiety filled question always popped up in my head as if this was a measure of being a good or bad mom🙄 Meal planning is helping but I stay with it depending on the mood and energy. This recipe is an easy one and I love that its easy to make it vegan and GF.⁠


This is how:⁠

1. Cauliflower pizza crust (we like the @caulipower brand) - Warm the crust up according to the instructions on the package, don't over cook it⁠

2. For regular you can use white pita flat breads (@papapita is a good brand) - preheat oven to 375 and cook the bread for 5-7 min, till slightly brown and hard⁠

3. Warm up some refried beans, you can use them out of the can or dried beans and add water⁠

4. Chop onions, tomatoes, romaine lettuce or spinach⁠

5. Have regular or vegan ranch and have shredded cheese of your choice⁠

6. Salsa, hot sauces or @thechutneylife 's crack sauce goes really well with this too. ⁠

7. Warm the crust and bread, spread the beans and cheese and stick them back in the oven, you can either put them on broil to quickly melt the cheese. For vegan skip this step.⁠

8. Take the bread out and add the toppings first, ranch and salsa and then the veggies.⁠

9. Add tortilla strips on top. Enjoy.⁠

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