Why learn gujarati

One would think why is it so important to learn Gujarati language, culture, traditions outside of India? We no longer live in that world. However we forget that for any tree to blossom into a flourishing tree any where in the world its roots must be deep and grounded.

Being of Gujarati descent is who we are. It’s not about learning just the language, traditions or values. It is a way of living. Most of us live this way without really realizing why and how.


I am so blessed to have been born and brought up in a gujarati family. It is who I am.

I was born and raised in Baroda (Vadodara), Gujarat until I was sixteen years old. I did most of my schooling in New Era High school and was blessed with amazing teachers who instilled the love of language and culture in me.

I got to come to the US and attend high school here as well. I received my Bachelor’s degree from University of Southern California. I carry the best of both the worlds. I am fortunate to live in San Diego with my extended family. We are part of an amazing Gujarati community that surrounds us with this culture.

My children attended the Waldorf School of San Diego where the value of our uniqueness was reinforced. This love for the language and values is something I am so fortunate to pass down to others. I have been teaching Gujarati language, gujarati garba, raas and folk dances for the last fifteen years.




Being outside of India, working as hard as we all do, it is difficult to make time out of our crazy busy lives to bring in our culture to our families.

In order for our kids to appreciate this precious heritage of ours, they need to know why we do certain things, why we live a certain way.

Sanskar is a sanskrit word for values. Sanskar Teaching is our humble attempt at bringing our children and some of us adults closer to our values, traditions and truly see what a blessing it is to be a Gujarati!

Gujarati language and culture is very important to Vaishali and she wanted her children to have this blessing. There were no Gujarati teachings available near her hometown of San Diego. She decided to start teaching them herself. Before she knew it, a few cousins and friends joined in and it turned into a full blown online Gujarati school.