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Our goal is to bring children and adults closer to Indian values, traditions and language. 

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Learning is Better Together 

My girls and I love Vaishali masi. She teaches them Gujarati in fun and creative ways. Our favorite things are the home work series, for example when we go on scavenger hunts at a local farmer's market to learn the names of vegetables and fruits in Gujarati. My kids look forward to their Sunday classes. My two older ones are reading and writing fluently in Gujarati because of Sanskar Teaching.

--Gayatri Bhakta, Hotelier & Momma of 3

Why this works for our family? Its simple. I want my son to learn Gujarati, not just the language but the culture as well. We do the best we can at home, however when someone as loving and patient as Vaishaliben tells my son about why we do certain things or teaches him simple songs he listens. I don't have to drive any where and if we miss a class we can make it up at another time. Love that Sanskar Teaching is available for our family.

--Shital Amin, FSA, Senior Actuary & Momma of 3


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