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When I first got married and moved in with my husband’s family, I couldn’t understand certain words. My husband and I are both from Gujarati families and we both speak Gujarati, so why couldn’t I understand certain things?

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Well, my family is from Baroda (north-western part of the state of Gujarat) and his family is from Surat (which is the southern part of the state of Gujarat).

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Gujarati is spoken differently in different parts of Gujarat. If I heard “ghavadaave chhe” (it itches) in my “Barodian” Gujarati they were saying “khanjvaad aave chhe”.

Here are few words that I learned in Surati Gujarati as time went on:

Surat Baroda English
Poyro Chhokro Boy
Pori Chhokari Girl
Kadolo Tagaaru Large bowl
Khalto Thelo Duffle bag
Bhadakoo Raab Porridge
Kaando Dungadi Onion
Bhaakharo Aandhavo Bread with grains
Noru Vasan ghasavaa no kucho Scrubbing pad
Knee ma le Nathi madatoo Can’t find it


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