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Gujarati Alphabet

Learn the Gujarati Alphabet or use this PDF to teach it to your kiddos.

Alphabet is always a great place to start when learning a new language. 

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Want more than just the alphabet?

Learn words associated with each letter by using the Sanskar Teaching Alphabet flashcards. Check them out in the Sanskar Shop.

Want to learn words too?

We have a Gujarati Memory game with 24 titles containing images with the Gujarati and English word. Learn more in the Sanskar Shop.

Have a need for Hindi too?

Our Hindi Memory game is similar to our Gujarati Memory game just this time it's with Hindi word (duh). You can order it now from the Sanskar Shop.

What our students and parents have to say?

My parents came to Fiji when they were very young. My siblings and I were born here. My family has worked to hard to earn a living and to maintain our Gujarati heritage. However along the way, it was lost a bit. I wanted to make sure my children learned about their roots and may be with them I can learn too. We joined Sanskar Teaching in January this year. My son loves singing this particular grace. His teacher at school noticed that he closes his eyes and mumbles something before lunch everyday. He told me he sings his Saathe ramiye... Thank you Vaishalimasi for giving this gift to my child.
Rama Popat. Suva, Fiji Islands

Watch below our students singing their prarthanas: