Education as a life tool

250 million children in the world cannot read.

When we educate children, we help break the cycle of poverty as each year of education completed increases that child’s earning power by 10%.  Girls who are educated are less likely to marry early and against their wills. And people who are educated are more likely to ensure that their own children receive an education.


We are blessed to be leading the movement to bridge the generations in Gujarati culture. 

Although our primary work takes place in the United States, our movement is worldwide. The culture of our company is intent on sharing the blessings we receive and as we do, we look to our homeland of India.  

In a small village call Pisai, in Vadodara district of the state of Gujarat, India is a small school called Pisai Prathmik (primary) school. Here, children of farm workers, carpenters, factory workers ages kindergarten through grade 7, endeavor to become educated. The government pays the teacher (s) in this school and that’s it.

Sanskar Teaching uses a portion of the proceeds from all of our sales of online and live courses, to supplement the rest of what this school needs to provide a quality education for these kids. This year we have made it possible for children to be part of cultural events and purchase chalkboards.

Visit our store, buy one of the products and contribute to this cause.