1. How do the live classes work?
    We meet once a week on google hangouts and this allows the students to see the teacher and interact with each other. Each week you receive a folder on google drive with your classwork which includes audios, vidoes, pdfs, worksheets etc. Class sizes are limited to ten students per class. This allows the students to get personalized attention.
  2. What do I need to join the class?
    You need to purchase the class in our programs or store offerings. Once you receive a confirmation, be sure to have a gmail account or the google hangouts app on your device. You will receive an invitation to join your class each week via email or your app.
  3. What if I cannot attend the class each time at the designated time?
    All of our classes are recorded and the private link becomes available to the registered students right after the class so you can view it at your convenient time before the next live class.
  4. Is all class material provided?
    Yes, everything you need to learn Gujarati language and culture is provided to you prior to the class. You are required to have a notebook and a folder to keep everything in one place.
  5. What if I cannot afford your fees? Are there any scholarship programs?
    Yes. We want to bring this gift of learning Gujarati to everyone so we do have two spots every year that are reserved for scholarship students.
  6. How do I pay you?
    Once you register your student in our store, you will be guided to Paypal’s site to complete the payment process.
  7. Is religion taught in the curriculum?
    Not really. Gujarati culture is embedded with a lot of Hindu traditions. We do not teach you religious values or preferences however many of our festivals are connected to the Hindu mythology and stories and these are talked about in the class. We teach prayers to use Gujarati music as a tool. We also teach Kabir (Saint Kabir…Poet)’s couplets known as Dohas to teach life lessons.
  8. Do you speak English in class or Gujarati?
    The teachers will speak both Gujarati and English to make learning more efficient. Students are encouraged to speak in Gujarati as much as possible however they can ask questions in English anytime.
  9. Is there a way I can learn without joining the school?
    Yes! Our online course allows you to do just that. Level 1 course is the most basic course with video instructions supported by audio and pdf packages to help you learn at your own pace.
  10. Feel free to send us a personal request for any other queries you may have.