Gujarati and Hindi Zoom School
for Kids and Adults!
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Attend class from home!

Now you or your kids can learn Gujarati or Hindi with a native speaker! Classes are kept small (15 screens) so that every student receives the attention and tools needed to fully learn a new language. 

During these weekly classes, you (if you're interested in Adult Class) or your kids will participate and interact with the teacher in real-time.


You can ask questions and get answers right away, practice speaking, and receive feedback. Learning with Sanskar Teaching is always fun. We make sure to incorporate games and scenarios to keep the learning lively.



Sanskar Teaching offers 3 levels of Kid Classes to serve all skill levels of Gujarati/Hindi.

Kids level 1 class is 30 minutes while level 2 & 3 are 60 minutes. Classes cover topics such as, vocab, likely scenarios and grammar.


We also include games, like 'Chhagan kahe which is similar to 'Simon Says', so that students are regularly shifting their energy and not getting bored. 

Since classes are held on Zoom, you can participate from phone or computer! 


Our Adult classes are for anyone who needs a Gujarati or Hindi Refresher or for anyone learning from scratch.  

Adult classes are 60 minutes and great for comprehension and for gaining confidence in speaking. 


You'll learn grammar,

vocabulary, cultural norms, have in-class presentations. as well as, direct access to your teacher for support. 

Since classes are held on Zoom, you can participate from phone or computer! 

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Our preschool classes are 30 minutes long and best suited for children ages 3 to 6 years old. Older children should consider looking into Level 1 and 2 classes.


Because of the age of the students in Preschool class, language will be taught primarily through activities and verbal skills will include lots of repetition.   

Look forward to Stories in Gujarati/Hindi, Songs, Simple prayers and some Craft Activities. Children will play games in class and learn the Basic Alphabet in fun ways.

Since classes are held on Zoom, you can participate from phone or computer! 

Check out all our class times and classes for more deets.