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08/17/2018 Comments: Be the first! Posted by: Vaishali Patel In:
1. What are Sanskar Teaching Live Classes? In Sanskar Teaching’s live online Gujarati classes, each student is part of a class of other students plus a Sanskar-certified teacher. The class gathers via and easy to use online platform called Zoom at the regularly scheduled class time. Here, the teacher can see, hear and interact with the...
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06/22/2018 Comments: % Posted by: Vaishali Patel In:
Sanskar Gujarati News: Many of you who travel a lot or read about India know that in the recent years the names of many big cities have changed. I was reading an article in the Gujarati Newspaper Sandesh the other day about this. The British brought with them many wonderful things however failed to appreciate...
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05/29/2018 Comments: Be the first! Posted by: Vaishali Patel In:
Why Gujarati? Gujarati is the 26th most spoken language in the world. There are 65 million Gujarati speakers and growing. For some of us it is our mother tongue or Matru bhaasaa. This is the first language some of us heard when we came into this world. Gujarati is not the sweetest of languages as...
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03/20/2018 Comments: Be the first! Posted by: Vaishali Patel In:
What happens when kids visit India? There is a saying in Gujarati that, “Jena ghar nu paani pive, tena jeva ja thayi javaay” which literally means you become like those whose water you are drinking. Your environment has a major influence on your life. You are a reflection of five people you spend the most time...
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